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Grand Rapids, Michigan

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  1. nancy campbell

    HI, I am writing in hopes that you may know of anyone who has a place with a lease to own option. I had contacted a realtor for a place in Sand Lake,mi. He said the owner can do a lease to own option and he gave me her phone number. She has not called me back and I have called her 3 times. I want to move back up north, cedar springs,sand lake, pierson, howard city, sparta, greenville. Those areas. I have to move from sisters house. Not working out. I hvae been told I have until thursday to find a place. I can move in with a friend but she has 4 dogs and 3 kids. I have 5 dogs.IF I find a place, I can stay here until papers are signed.

  2. Matthew and Gracie Fenech

    Hi Pete,
    My sister-in-law, Emily Smitter, told me how great you were in searching for her home and we thought we would contact you for some help. We have been on and off searching for a home since we got married. We recently found one on Lyon St. (754 Lyon) that looks amazing and we would like to meet with you and chat about homes and finding one in Grand Rapids. I hope we can get a chance to do that. The listing number is #12042466 for the house on Lyon. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

    Matthew and Gracie Fenech

  3. nancy campbell

    Hi! Don’t know if you remember me or not. That’s fine either way, but I thought I would drop you a line to let you know, I have been researching Credit Repair Co. I found one I like and am going to start working with him in about a month. IF we get my credit score up to acceptable, I will get prequalified for a loan. Once I get that taken care of, I will contact you and maybe we can find a home for me. Thanks for all your help over the past year! Nancy Campbell

  4. Jon Dykstra

    Hey Pete,

    I really like your new site. Woo Themes are great. Like your biz card also. I hope you and Liz have a great Christmas in Indy and G.R. Erika and I are doing some skiing and hopefully lots of relaxing. Say hi to your folks for me and Erika. Talk soon,


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